2016-17 Classes

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Each child is different and placement is up to the director’s discretion to best meet your dancer’s needs. Here are some general recommendations:

Tot Tumble:  Ages 18 months to 2 years, no prerequisites.

Twinkle Toes:  Ages 2-3, no prerequisites.

Mighty Mights, Creative Movement, Hippity Hop:  Ages 3-5, no prerequisites.

Kinder Combo:  Ages 5-6, no prerequisites.

Level 1:  Ages 6-12, with 1 year or less  experience in that genre.

Level 2:  Ages 9-12, with 2+ years experience in that genre. 

Level 3/4:  Ages 13-18, 3+ years experience required in that genre or by placement.

Advanced:  By placement only.

Adult:  Ages 18+, with or without experience.

If your child is new to dance, consider our Beginner Combo class on Saturday mornings.

Please email us if you have questions about where to place your child.

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Acro/Tumble:  Floor gymnastics concentrating on proper form, progressions, and strength.

Ballet:  Traditional Ballet instruction. Emphasis on proper form and technique. Includes barre, center, & across the floor work.

Ballet Technique:  A focused ballet class intended to strengthen the student’s knowledge and body. Isolation techniques, body alignment exercises, barre work, strengthening exercises, as well as traditional ballet instruction will be implemented. Intended as an additional Ballet class, it may be the student’s primary ballet class as well. Class does not participate in recital.

Kinder Combo:  Classes with separate sections per class of Ballet, Tap, Jazz.

Contemporary:  A blend of numerous styles (modern, ballet, jazz, folk, etc.) and often changing with current trends or choreographer. Contemporary is an advanced level dance genre that highlights the dancers’ ability to control and isolate their bodies and movements as well as their expression through dance.

Creative Movement:  Introduction to ballet for the 3-5 year old.

Hip Hop:  Impacted by popular tv, songs, and culture. A fun and energetic class teaching the latest moves and current techniques. Always age appropriate in movement and music.

Hippity Hop:  Jazz/Hip Hop class for our favorite little hoppers. Ages 3-5.

Jazz:  Fast paced stylized dance form with a basis of Jazz music elements.

Lyrical:  Fluid and graceful dance form. Faster paced than ballet, and characterized by seamlessly flowing from one emotionally charged movement to the next.

Mighty Mights:  Tumbling (floor gymnastics) for ages 3-5.

Modern:  Expressive dance form, challenging traditional dance forms by employing torso movements, contractions, improvisation and other emotive motions. Based in the Horton and Graham techniques.

Musical Theater:  Dance to some of the best Theater productions! Incorporating elements from jazz as well as many other forms of dance and setting them to songs from popular theater productions/movies. Time to bring out your acting skills!

Pre-Pointe/Pointe:  Technique for those preparing to be, or who have already been, placed en pointe. Ballet. Intended as a supplemental class to any regular Ballet class and/or our Technique classes.

Show Biz:  A super fun class for the child who is ready for the big screen or stage! A non-dance focused class that touches on all of the aspects of theatre and screen. From auditioning to singing, dancing, making your own commercial and improv games! This action packed class is non-stop fun!

Tap:  Rhythmic dance using fancy footwork! Everyone loves tap!

Tot Tumble:  Creative Playgroup for toddlers. Fun and energetic class concentrating on gross motor skills while incorporating music, movement, tumbling, and other age appropriate activities. (Parental accompaniment may be required depending on the student).

Twinkle Toes:  My first ballet class! For ages 2-3. (Parental accompaniment may be required depending on the student).