2017 PDS Warrenton Summer Camps & Classes info

This summer we will be offering week-long camps for our younger students and a Family Class Punchcard option for our Summer Classes (June & July). Registration can be completed online or at the studio.
Camps (scroll down for classes)

Camp Cost: $200                           

Discounts:   10% if paid by March 1.

Camp Details:

  • 9:00-12:00
  • Ages 3-5 –  Studio A
  • Ages 6-9 –  Studio B


  • 5-9 – Final 5
  • 12-16 – Fairy Training Camp
  • 19-23 – Hip Hop Crew
  • 26-30 – All Boys Dance Crew


  • 10-14 – Super Hero Training Program
  • 17-21 – Princess Preparedness School
  • 24-28 – Broadway Bound

Please pack a small healthy snack for your child.  We will have a short break daily.

All camps have a short performance and celebration during the last 30 minutes of the last day of Camp.  Family and Friends are encouraged to come watch!

Hip Hop Crew – This camp is an age appropriate introduction to different styles of hip hop.  Exploring the history of hip hop and learning how to pop, lock, boogaloo, break and more! Your child will love this high energy camp and leave with some amazing moves and an understanding of where they come from!

Final 5 – …or Final however many kids are in this camp!! This tumbling camp is designed to introduce your budding gymnast to the basics of floor gymnastics. Already know how to do some tumbling? Great!  We can meet your child where they are and help them to progress even farther!

Broadway Bound – A week of all things Broadway!! from song, to dance, to acting!  This camp is for any child born for the stage! 

Fairy Training Camp – Calling all Fairies!! If you have a Fairy Princess in your house, then she needs to be in this camp!  Fairies can be a little wild, a little mischievous.  This camp is designed to train those fairies in the woodland fairy ways.  Honing their fairy skills and helping them be the best Fairy they can imaging!

Princess Preparedness School –  Princessing is a lot of work and there is a lot to know.  Your up and coming Princess may need some training on all things Princess in order to attain true Princess status. We are here to help!  The Princess Preparedness School will help your child find her inner Princess while training with a real Fairy Godmother!

All Boys Dance Crew – Do you have a boy interested in dance but doesn’t want to share the stage with all of those silly girls?  This camp is for him.  A fun, high energy introduction into tap, tumbling and hip hop will help your young dancer enjoy learning in a comfortable environment.

Super Hero Training Camp – Do you have a son or daughter who wants to clear tall buildings in a single bound or whowants to get in touch with their inner spider sense? Then we have the camp for them.  This tumbling based camp will help them develop their “brand” and give them the skills they need to fight to forces of evil and have fun doing it!


Progressions Dance School 2017 Summer Classes

Summer classes will run June 5th – June 22nd and July 10th – July 27th

Proposed  Class Schedule (subject to change)
(Let us know if you don’t see a class you’d like to take!)

The levels of a class should be based on the child’s age as well as technical ability. 

  • Level 1 – Beginner to intermediate (Elementary 1 or Teen 1)
  • Level 2 – Intermediate to advanced (Elementary 2 or Teen 2)
  • Hippy Hop, Snazzy Jazzy, Twinkle Toes are geared towards young preschoolers.
  • Creative Movement is geared for the older preschooler.
  • Kindercombo is for the kindergarten or young first grader.
  • Mighty Mights is for preschool through Kindergarten.


Purchase family class packs (pick any classes) :

30 min class pack:

  • 6 classes – $50
  • 12 classes – $90
  • 18 classes – $120

60 minute & 75 minute class pack:

  • 6 classes – $90
  • 12 classes – $170
  • 18 classes – $240
  • 24 classes – $320
  • 30 classes – $400


Tumbling:  Floor gymnastics concentrating on proper form, progressions, and strength.

Ballet:  Traditional Ballet instruction. Emphasis on proper form and technique. Includes barre, center, & across the floor work.

Ballet Technique:  A focused ballet class intended to strengthen the student’s knowledge and body. Isolation techniques, body alignment exercises, barre work, strengthening exercises, as well as traditional ballet instruction will be implemented. Intended as an additional Ballet class, it may be the student’s primary ballet class as well. Class does not participate in recital.

Kinder Combo:  Classes with separate sections per class of Ballet, Tap, Jazz.

Creative Movement:  Introduction to ballet for the 3-5 year old.

Hip Hop:  Impacted by popular tv, songs, and culture. A fun and energetic class teaching the latest moves and current techniques. Always age appropriate in movement and music.

Snazzy Jazzy:  Jazz/Hip Hop class for our favorite little hoppers. Ages 3-5.

Jazz:  Fast paced stylized dance form with a basis of Jazz music elements.

Lyrical:  Fluid and graceful dance form. Faster paced than ballet, and characterized by seamlessly flowing from one emotionally charged movement to the next.

Mighty Mights:  Tumbling (floor gymnastics) for ages 3-5.

Pre-Pointe/Pointe:  Technique for those preparing to be, or who have already been, placed en pointe. Ballet. Intended as a supplemental class to any regular Ballet class and/or our Technique classes.

Tap:  Rhythmic dance using fancy footwork! Everyone loves tap!

Twinkle Toes:  My first ballet class! For ages 2-3. (Parental accompaniment may be required depending on the student).